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Apr 6, 10 6:17 AM
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Welcome to Adrenaline!

We guess that you came here because you heard about us from one source or another.   This would either be word of mouth or from a Shaiya forum posting.  Please be aware that we do not accept applications that are made only through the in-game Guild Master.  You must also post an application message here on the forums.  We hope you will understand why when you read the rest of this welcome message.


Adrenaline, an Etain AoL guild, was originally formed over a year ago and, as is the case with many guilds, it initally flourished and then suffered from in-fighting and drama.  At its peak, it was ranked 7th in Etain but has sadly been pretty inactive for the past few months and at present, there is only a handful of regular players.  Now that group of players has decided to try to revive the guild and try to build it into the type of guild it was originally intended to be.


Adrenaline intends to be a guild that exists only for the benefit of its members - and it intends to be a guild that is composed of like-minded people.  By benefit of its members we do not mean that we are a power levelling guild, nor are we a guild that is intent on dominating every boss room so that we can grab all of the items that everyone craves.  No - we start from the position that playing Shaiya should be fun; an enjoyable experience that is enhanced by good companionship and solid, reliable support from the guild.  We have all met good, helpful people in Shaiya - people who share and who are helpful without being domineering or demanding.  These are the type of players we would like to attract to the guild.


Read more in the forums - about our Aims and Objectives and about How to Apply.  Just click on the Forums link to the left

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

hojimagnus, Apr 6, 10 6:17 AM.
First draft of the new Adrenaline web site created today
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